Oblivion (short story) PART 2 14 juin 2014

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When I woke up I felt like that day in the hospital. When I saw clearly, my heart started beating very fast. I was fastened on a chair in a garage or something like that. On the walls I saw weapons, knifes, scissors, swords, guns, crossbows, Where was I? Spike had drugged me. Why? I heard somebody speaking on the phone at the other side of the door. Spike. He opened the door. He stared at me and hanged up. He laughed. My heart beat faster and faster. I tried to calm down, I couldn’t. Spike hit me. I screamed. He hit me again, this time on my chest. I screamed louder. He got back. I was crying.

–Why? I said. He laughed.

–Don’t you remember? He asked me.

–Remember what?

-That night.

What night? It was the second time I was talking to him and he wanted to kill me. What was I supposed to remember? Spike did not seem wicked, just a bit because he was beating me up, but he seemed angry and sad.  Just the way you feel after revenge.

He kicked me. I screamed. He hit me. My nose bleed. He beat me up again and again. I was crying. My body was shouting. My legs were broken. He prepared something. He was sharpening a knife. I knew he was going to kill me so I asked again:


-At least they succeeded, he said.

–Who? What?

-Your brain wash, Oblivion.



-Do you really think you had a terrible accident?

-Yes, I have no choice, I forgot all my past life.

–It isn’t that easy. Your coma was lie. All your life is a big lie, he said.

–What are you talking about?

-You slept for months, that part of the story is true. But the accident, your old life, all those things were just invented. You are a werewolf.

–A what? I asked shocked.

–A werewolf, a disgusting creature that transforms in a big hairy wolf some nights. A werewolf.

I didn’t know what to say. I thought he was crazy but he still have the knife.

–Every night your mother had to lock your door and your windows so that you couldn’t escape as a big and nasty wolf. One night, she forgot. He made a pause, kind of a regret pause. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to cry.

–That night, you became what you really were, a werewolf. You opened your door. You went to Manuel’s room, your brother, and you ate him, you weren’t Carmen. You went to another room and you found your mother sleeping. You ate her too, he said. Then, you went, like all werewolves, to a place you knew? My home.

I could not trust him, he was saying I was a werewolf, a fantasy creature. But he had said I ate my mother, it couldn’t be real.

–It’s impossible. My mother is still alive. If you are telling me the truth, who is the woman who woke me up every morning? Who is the woman that told me that she loved me at the hospital? Who is she? I said.

–I don’t know who she is, he answered. Your mother was the nicest person we both knew. She was smiley, tall, and blond. You were, both, the same person with different ages.

I stared at him, what he was saying could be, in some point, true. In the hospital I didn’t recognize he. Was Teresa my mother? After a while he said:

-You were my girlfriend. I loved you as Romeo loves Juliette, and you loved me as Cosette loves Marius. We were one. When I saw you that night, I was terrified. My heart beat like yours right now. But I talked to you. I looked into your eyes, inside that beast I could see the woman I loved. I didn’t know what to do so I told you, “If you love me Carmen please come back”. You ran.

What was I supposed to do? I had no proof. Just one, when he told me that he loved me I saw in his eyes regrets, love. I realize that he was not lying to me. He was telling me my own story. I was talking to a man I didn’t know that was telling me I was a supernatural creature that eats people. A man who used to love me. It may be crazy but I trusted him …

Oblivion (short story) PART 1

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I opened my eyes. I could only see a shrilling light. A few moments later, I saw clearly. I was lying down in a hospital bed, a drip in my arm, connected to a weird machine. I was scared. I didn’t even know who I was. I was all alone in a hospital room. I didn’t know what to do so I waited. I waited for a long time, maybe five minutes – when you are alone in an unknown place time goes very slowly. A nurse arrived. She wrote something on a purple note-book. She looked at me and didn’t seem surprised, like if she was waiting me, and called a doctor, Dr.Gonzalez. Dr.Gonzalez was tall and thin, he seemed healthy and nice, he was nice. He was wearing a long white coat. His smile was bright and his eyes were as blue as the sea – I was amazed to remember the deep blue sea. He smiled and said slowly “Are you okay?”. Of course I was not okay! I was in an unknown room with unknown people with unknown things in me! I was not okay! But, I told him that I wasn’t that bad. We spoke for a long time and he told me why I was there.  A few months ago, I was going to high school with my mom by car like every morning. It was on a snowy January day. A man crossed the street just in front of our car. My mom tried to stop the car. She succeeded. The car did not hit the man. But, my seat belt cracked. My whole body was projected into the windscreen. My head was the first part of my body to touch it. The windscreen exploded. “You are lucky lucky Carmen, most of people must have died in that accident”. I know it’s amazing but in that moment the only thing that I heard was Carmen. I finally got a name, Carmen.


After a long talk with Dr.Gonzalez, he called my mother to tell her that I finally woke up. My mother. Why couldn’t I remember her? Why wasn’t she with me? Did she love me? Why didn’t they call my dad? A thousand questions jostled in my mind. An hour later, I saw her. She was small, blond and wore work clothes – I remembered her clothes but not her face, her shoes but not her voice. She asked me the same silly question “Are you okay?”. I wasn’t! I didn’t know my mom but her clothes were like old friends to me. I didn’t know my friends either.  After a long moment without a word, a long moment of a stranger, pretending being my mom, staring at me. After a while she went to the corridor and spoke to Dr.Gonzalez, the only person that I really trusted. I know they talked about me. He certainly told her that I remembered anything. She entered the room and asked me:

- Do you know who I am?

- My mom, I said.

- That’s all?

-Yes, I said slowly.

- My name is Teresa, I’m your mother. We are in Palo Alto’s hospital, California. You are my daughter and you are here because of me. All this is my fault.

I didn’t know what to say, so, I just stared at her. I didn’t remember anything about her but I decided to trust her, she was my “mother” and Dr.Gonzalez wouldn’t have let her in if she was lying. Then, she said:

-Before the accident, we were moving. So, you did not see the house yet. When Dr.Gonzalez would let you go I’ll take you to our new home in Austin, Texas.

–Okay, I said, I thought it didn’t matter where I lived so I just followed her like sheep. What could I have done? Stay alone at the hospital? NO.

Two weeks later, Dr.Gonzalez let me go. I went with my mother to Austin as planned. A new life was waiting me. When we arrived there, I saw our house. It was quite small but I didn’t need more. The house was near a forest. It was weird, one of our neighbors house seemed me strange, it disturbed me.


I began to live a normal life. I went to Austin’s high school, but I couldn’t remember my old life, before the come, before the accident. Sometimes in my dreams I see my old days but nothing is really important. Most of the time is just a little girl (me) going to school, a young girl studying laths, but nothing important.

One night, while I was walking in the woods, I heard a creepy noise.  My heart started beating so fast that I thought it was going to get out of my chest. I saw my neighbor, Spike. It started to rain. Spike was, like me, seventeen. He was attractive, the cutest guy I’ve ever seen. He had short brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. He was tall and strong, I was small and thin.

–I’m sorry, he said, I hope I haven’t scared you

–Oh it’s you! I thought that someone was following me, I felt dumb, and he certainly thought I was crazy

–Sorry, to apologize let me offer you a drink. Come to my house

I know it is not very smart to go to somebody’s house just because of two perfect blue eyes. We went to his house. Something was weird, strange. I didn’t know what, maybe the dark atmosphere. We talked for a moment and I decided to leave his house, the house scared me. But when I was leaving, Spike took my hand and didn’t let me go. A normal girl would have thought that he was in love and he didn’t let me go because of that, but, I could see in his eyes something crazy, something scary. He smiled at me and I fell off, my head touched the ground again.

A twin (short story)

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Chapter 1

I was walking in the woods when I heard a creepy noise. I didn’t know this sound whereas I was wed to walk here. I heard this sound more and more. It was very frightening. At the moment I only wanted one thing: to be with someone to reassure me. This wood looked like a malefic forest. I had never seen woods like this before. The more I moved forward, the darker it was. The sound was strange but attractive, so I decided to follow this one. The sound looked like a person who inhales.

Chapter 2

I saw a person I knew, this hair, and this face, it, was me! When this person saw me, smiled and came to me. I was very surprised! I was told his name was John. He explained to me the fact that we were twins and we were separate during our childhood. I understood, I didn’t remember my childhood. So it was the cause. We had so many things in common. I didn’t care, he was my twin. And sure he didn’t lie. After we walked in a strange forest, we did full of things. I didn’t understand when he became strange. His behavior became more and more suspicious and dangerous for me. For example, John was able to steal for eat and people accused me while I was innocent. I never understood his change of behavior.

Chapter 3

My twin’s behavior became worse day by day. One day, he went to the bank and he withdrew money from my account. He pretended to be me. He also signed papers that were ordained for me to have my heritage. I told everything to my family and some friends, but nobody believed me. Everybody said that I was crazy. But I knew I wasn’t crazy. I couldn’t do anything, I was powerless. He saw my friend at my place, he went to my appointments. It was as if he lived my life. I remained hidden at home, I locked myself up, I was afraid of someone coming across us at the same time. We would have been taken to a hospital and entrusted to specialists because this event is so incredible.

Chapter 4

But I didn’t want that, so I decided to ask my twin. He explained to me that I lived a very good life, I had a lot of friends, more than him. I didn’t understand why we were separate. He said to me that, he ate everybody who surrounded us expect me. And a woman understood that John was a vampire, and this person decided to abandon my twin in the street. But a person adopted him and decided to keep him. I was surprise because the doctor who had left John would have been able to leave me and not this vampire. I wanted to reveal the truth so I began to run to the door. At this moment I wished to reveal the truth and I ran to the door of the house. John got in my way, indicating me that he could not let me do that and it was going to be me from now to the rest of the life. He lashed me and began to cut me in pieces. He arranged to keep me alive, but in big sufferings, I was in a horrible state, covered with blood. It was that during the moment of his absence that I was able to save myself and so to write this book.

The story of the clown wood (short story)

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Chapter 1: The clown

We were walking in the woods at night when we heard a creepy noise. We saw an albinos clown with a red nose and a wig. This creature had big feet. We also saw a blood hand. We were afraid because in this hand, there was a doll that looked like a dead baby with a knife. Suddenly the monster moved and we ran for a long time because the clown followed us .We hid in a very small dark church and we waited.

Chapter 2: The dark church

We took shelter into a church. It was big and very dark. There were dusty banches in the middle of the church and a stambling cross behind the altar. We decided to walk along the direction of the church’s core. I first saw a shadow up the ceiling, I realized it was a hung man. By the way he looked, he had probably been here for six months. Suddenly, I heard a scream in the church, then we turned back, one of us was missing… Thomas. A few minutes later, we had a flash, we pictured clowns full of blood and all sizes were surrending us. We saw them walk howards us. I was looking for Thomas who had disappeared but I couldn’t find him. Clowns were getting closer and closer. But what to do?

Chapter 3: Parallel world

We tried to escape from us with fire or with knives but nothing works. We were terrified. Suddenly, Johanna threw our bottle of water on the clowns. We were surprised because all of clowns shrinked. We finally were fled ; we arrived in a parallel world. We were in the teletubbies’ world. But those teletubbies were clowns…

Chapter 4: Transformation

We were afraid. The teletubbies caught us and we couldn’t move. We cried but no sound go out of our mouth! They bite our legs, our arms and our hands. Suddenly we were transformed into teletubbies. I saw my hands, they were blue, Jade’s hands were pink, Alphée’s hands were yellow and Thomas’s hands were… But where is Thomas?

Thomas is in the kitchen.

Rules of the game

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