Oblivion (short story) PART 2 14 juin 2014

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When I woke up I felt like that day in the hospital. When I saw clearly, my heart started beating very fast. I was fastened on a chair in a garage or something like that. On the walls I saw weapons, knifes, scissors, swords, guns, crossbows, Where was I? Spike had drugged me. Why? I heard somebody speaking on the phone at the other side of the door. Spike. He opened the door. He stared at me and hanged up. He laughed. My heart beat faster and faster. I tried to calm down, I couldn’t. Spike hit me. I screamed. He hit me again, this time on my chest. I screamed louder. He got back. I was crying.

–Why? I said. He laughed.

–Don’t you remember? He asked me.

–Remember what?

-That night.

What night? It was the second time I was talking to him and he wanted to kill me. What was I supposed to remember? Spike did not seem wicked, just a bit because he was beating me up, but he seemed angry and sad.  Just the way you feel after revenge.

He kicked me. I screamed. He hit me. My nose bleed. He beat me up again and again. I was crying. My body was shouting. My legs were broken. He prepared something. He was sharpening a knife. I knew he was going to kill me so I asked again:


-At least they succeeded, he said.

–Who? What?

-Your brain wash, Oblivion.



-Do you really think you had a terrible accident?

-Yes, I have no choice, I forgot all my past life.

–It isn’t that easy. Your coma was lie. All your life is a big lie, he said.

–What are you talking about?

-You slept for months, that part of the story is true. But the accident, your old life, all those things were just invented. You are a werewolf.

–A what? I asked shocked.

–A werewolf, a disgusting creature that transforms in a big hairy wolf some nights. A werewolf.

I didn’t know what to say. I thought he was crazy but he still have the knife.

–Every night your mother had to lock your door and your windows so that you couldn’t escape as a big and nasty wolf. One night, she forgot. He made a pause, kind of a regret pause. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to cry.

–That night, you became what you really were, a werewolf. You opened your door. You went to Manuel’s room, your brother, and you ate him, you weren’t Carmen. You went to another room and you found your mother sleeping. You ate her too, he said. Then, you went, like all werewolves, to a place you knew? My home.

I could not trust him, he was saying I was a werewolf, a fantasy creature. But he had said I ate my mother, it couldn’t be real.

–It’s impossible. My mother is still alive. If you are telling me the truth, who is the woman who woke me up every morning? Who is the woman that told me that she loved me at the hospital? Who is she? I said.

–I don’t know who she is, he answered. Your mother was the nicest person we both knew. She was smiley, tall, and blond. You were, both, the same person with different ages.

I stared at him, what he was saying could be, in some point, true. In the hospital I didn’t recognize he. Was Teresa my mother? After a while he said:

-You were my girlfriend. I loved you as Romeo loves Juliette, and you loved me as Cosette loves Marius. We were one. When I saw you that night, I was terrified. My heart beat like yours right now. But I talked to you. I looked into your eyes, inside that beast I could see the woman I loved. I didn’t know what to do so I told you, “If you love me Carmen please come back”. You ran.

What was I supposed to do? I had no proof. Just one, when he told me that he loved me I saw in his eyes regrets, love. I realize that he was not lying to me. He was telling me my own story. I was talking to a man I didn’t know that was telling me I was a supernatural creature that eats people. A man who used to love me. It may be crazy but I trusted him …


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