Dramatic love (short story) 14 juin 2014

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She was walking in the woods at night when she heard a creepy noise… When she arrived at the association conference, Claise sat on a little chair. She was waiting for the moment when she could speak. She was listening to the guy who was diercting the conference. Suddenly, a man she didn’t know came into the room and sat just next to her. He was tall, very tall and he was wearing a t-shirt so she could see that he was muscular, he was beautiful too. The director called her once time, a twice, but she was too impressed by him and she didn’t hear the director

-          What’s your name? she asked him

-          I’m Mathias and you ?

-          I’m Claise, what are you doing here, I’ve never seen you at these  conference

-          I’m new. Actually, it’s my first meeting with everyone

-          Oh okay …

-          I hope I don’t disturb you so much, the director said

-          Sorry mister, what were you talking about? Claise said

-          I was talking to you, how much did we get this term ?

-          This term, we earned 15,390 euros so about 5,130 euros a month

-          Okay so it’s the end of the meeting

Everyone got out

-          Take this, it’s my phone number, I’ve been very nice to meet you, I hope we will see each other again…



She ran away and Matthias ran after her but she ran too fast for him and he found himself alone on the street at nightfall.

What did she want to say? Why did she look like this creature?

Matthias was really puzzled. Everything went so fast.

He thought about the strange creature.

Maybe Claise compared him to her, they had white skin and she had red eyes like a killer.

Matthias continued to do the list of similarities and characteristics of Claise which had been suggesting that she wasn’t human, her cold skin, her speed in race.

He didn’t believe it, maybe she was a vampire? It seemed that was true.

But Matthias wasn’t sure and he was in love with Claise anymore. Then he decided to found and help her, to say to her how much he love her. He continued to look for her all over the city.



Claise, afraid, back at home very lost … She knew that if she saw Mathias she’d hurt him. She ran ran to her house. She cried.

She would like to eat her boyfriend, at this moment she knew she would never see Mathias again…

But Mathias who wanted to understand what had happened came to see Claise … Claise was chained, attached to the bars.

Claise, when she saw Mathias cried and would have liked Mathias to leave her home but, he saw her and Mathias approached to tried to comfort her.

But suddenly Claise jump on him and before eating him she said :

“I’m sorry my love but I never can resist for you , you … you…. Are very covered with blood…”

She saw him with her big red eyes with many tears .

Claise bit Mathias with her sharp teeth on his rock and ripped his skin.

She ate his muscles and all of his body but keep his green eyes. After, she cried forever…


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